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Choose from an excellent selection of apple, apricot, cherry, crabapple, nectarine, peach, pear, plum, & prune trees. Order your fruit trees now. Trees delivered to you in the spring.
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Nature Hills Nursery - Fruit Trees

Bing Cherry Tree

The Bing Cherry is considered one of the finest commercial sweet cherries. This is also the most famous variety of sweet cherry. The very large, delicious che...Read More

Braeburn Apple Tree

The Braeburn Apple features a sweet flavor that is balanced with a moderate tartness. This produces a very unique blend. The crisp texture is very firm and ju...Read More

Castleton Prune Tree

The Castleton Prune produces fruit of medium size that rarely split. This is one of the best eating prunes available on the market. This very productive tree ...Read More

Chestnut Crabapple Tree

The Chestnut Crabapple tree is an excellent pollinator for other fruit apple trees. It blooms in early to mid-May, and produces a very large crabapple, up to t...Read More

Lapin Cherry Tree

The Lapin Cherry tree produces some of the largest and juiciest cherries around. The fruits are large and deep purple in color, with a slightly lighter red fle...Read More

Comice Pear Tree

The Comice Pear produces a large pear with a very juicy, melting flesh. It has an outstanding flavor. The Comice is not self-pollinating and requires a pollinat...Read More

Cortland Apple Tree

The Cortland Apple tree is considered an excellent apple for both dessert and processing. It is very sweet with just the subtlest hint of tartness. The tender...Read More

D Anjou Pear Tree

The D’Anjou Pear is very large when compared to most other varieties. This flesh of an Anjou is white and very juicy with a sweet brisk flavor. This naturally...Read More

Damson Plum Tree

The Damson plum produces a small, oval shaped fruit that is good for canning. The flesh is golden yellow in color, and covered by a dark purple skin. The spic...Read More

Early Italian Prune Tree

The Early Italian prune tree produces fruits with dark purple skin and yellow green flesh that turns dark wine in color when cooked. The flesh will separate fr...Read More

Elberta Peach Tree

The Elberta Peach is one of the best known yellow canning peaches. The fruits of an Elberta Peach tree are much larger than other varieties. The skin of the f...Read More

Fantasia Nectarine Tree

The Fantasia Nectarine is very popular. It is a large yellow nectarine of the freestone variety. When harvested early, the fruit is firm and tangy. If allowe...Read More

Fuji Apple Tree

The Fuji Apple is a wonderful all around fruit. The apples are super sweet, super juicy and super crisp. They are quite possibly the best snacking apple avail...Read More

Gala Apple Tree

The Gala apple is a combination of modern and old-fashion parentage. The fruits mature to a bright overall red color, and have bold red stripes over a yellow b...Read More

Golden Delicious Apple Tree

The Golden Delicious apple is a great all purpose cooking apple. The firm, white flesh of the Golden Delicious will easily retain its shape when baked or cooke...Read More

Goldstrike Apricot Tree

The Goldstrike apricot produces a very large and firm fruit. The apricots are round to slightly oval and increase in size when well-thinned. Their skin has a ...Read More

Gourmet Dwarf Pear Tree

The Gourmet Dwarf pear tree produces a medium sized fruit. The pears are greenish yellow to yellow in color, and have a thick but tender skin. The very sweet ...Read More

Honeycrisp Apple Tree

The Honeycrisp apple is a very high quality fruit which will be able to keep well for five to six months in regular storage. The tree is one of the most vigoro...Read More

Improved Duarte Plum Tree

The Improved Duarte Plum tree will produce very large, heart shaped fruits that are blood red in color. Their excellent flavor is widely regarded as one of the...Read More

Indian Summer Crabapple Tree

The Indian Summer Crabapple, with its sweeping branches, symmetrical shapes and modest proportions, will add beauty as well as a good source of pollen for other...Read More

Italian Plum Tree

The Italian Plum tree produces medium to large sized fruit. The plums have a dark purple skin covering a yellowish green flesh. The flesh separates freely fro...Read More

McIntosh Apple Tree

The McIntosh apple produces its heavy bounty of fruit early in the season. The flesh of the apple is white, soft and very fine textured. Its flavor is very ar...Read More

Montmorency Cherry Tree

The Montmorency cherry is one of the most popular sour cherries in America. It is also the classic cherry for baking pies. These cherries have proven over the...Read More

Rainier Cherry Tree

The Rainier Cherry tree will produce sweet, large yellow fruit that have a red blush. The cherries are firm, with a fine textured flesh that is clear to light ...Read More

Red Delicious Apple Tree

The Red Delicious is the most widely grown variety of apple in the entire world. It is also one of America’s favorite for snacking. Red Delicious apples have ...Read More

Red Globe Peach Tree

The Red Globe peach features one of the finest flavors even developed. This very large, round fruit has yellow flesh that is blushed with red, and touts an exc...Read More

Red Gold Nectarine Tree

The Red Gold nectarine is a very high quality fruit that has an exceptional shelf life. This large sized nectarine is spherical and has a deep yellow peel. Th...Read More

Redhaven Peach Tree

The Redhaven Peach is a very well known early variety and the fruits have high dessert quality. This is the fruit by which all other peaches are measured. The...Read More

Reliance Peach Tree

The Reliance Peach is one of the most cold hardy varieties of peach on the market. The trees are even known to produce a heavy fruit load following a frigid no...Read More

Santa Rosa Plum Tree

The Santa Rosa Plum tree bears large, attractive plums that are dark reddish purple in color. The firm fleshed fruits have a delicious flavor and good quality....Read More

Snow Drift Crabapple Tree

The Snow Drift crabapple tree is a very profuse bloomer, and is a good pollinator for medium to late blooming varieties. The small to medium sized white flower...Read More

Stanley Prune Tree

The Stanley Prune is large and has a sweet, juicy flesh. The flesh is greenish yellow in color and very meaty. The dark blue skin is tough and very attractive...Read More

Stella Cherry Tree

The Stella cherry tree is very similar to its parent tree, the Lambert cherry. Stella cherry trees are self-fertile, and will begin to bear fruit at a very you...Read More

Sunglo Nectarine Tree

The Sunglo nectarine is the perfect fresh fruit. This freestone variety of nectarine is large and full of juice, and will also work perfectly for canning and f...Read More

Sweetheart Cherry Tree

The Sweetheart Cherry tree is a new variety of cherry tree that is self-fertile. The fruits produced remain crunchy when they are picked and eaten. This tree ...Read More

Tilton Apricot Tree

The Tilton apricot is the worlds leading variety for use in freezing, drying and canning. Tilton apricots are very unique looking and one of the most flavorful...Read More

Van Cherry Tree

The Van cherry is one of the hardiest of all cherry trees. The fruits greatly resemble a smaller version of the Bing cherry. Not self-fertile, the Van cherry ...Read More

Wenatchee Apricot Tree

The Wenatachee Apricot bears very large sized fruit. Also called the Moorpark Apricot, the fruits have a light yellow skin and flesh. This apricot is well kno...Read More

Cameo Apple Tree

The Came apple gets rave reviews from both growers and consumers. The fruits feature a red stripe over a yellow to light greed undercolor. The fruits of the C...Read More

Ginger Gold Apple Tree

The Ginger Gold apple is a great snack or multi-purpose cooking and baking fruit. It will hold its shape nicely when cooked. The fruits are medium to large, r...Read More

Mollies Delicious Apple Tree

The Mollies Delicious apple is considered one of the best yellow delicious apples on the market today. Molly Delicious fruits are good fresh, or in pies and sa...Read More

Matsu Apple Tree

The Matsu Apple features a moderately sweet flavor. The creamy white flesh is firm and juicy. The skin is a yellowing green color with an orange blush. The M...Read More

Dolgo Crapapple Tree

The Crabapple Dolgo has pink buds that will open to fragrant, white flowers. The glossy, dark green foliage of the tree turn golden yellow in the autumn months...Read More

Cresthaven Peach Tree

The Creshaven Peach tree will produce a very firm, bright red colored fruit. The fruits of the Creshaven is yellow fleshed and has considerable amounts of red ...Read More

Granny Smith Apple Tree

The Granny Smith apple has been in cultivation for one hundred and fifty years. This apple, as many will attest to, should not be cooked, but instead eaten raw...Read More

Sonata Apple Tree

The Sonata apple has a taste that is very similar to a Golden Delicious apple. This medium sized apple has an excellent flavor. An attractive fruit, the Sonat...Read More

Wine Sap Apple Tree

The Winesap apple is a very old variety of apple. It has been one of the leading varieties grown in the United States for several years. The fruits are perfec...Read More

Goldbar Apricot Tree

The Goldbar apricot is a very vigorous tree that flowers heavily, but sets a light crop. This greatly increases the size of the individual fruits. The fruits ...Read More

Autumn Sweet Plum Tree

The Autumn Sweet plum produces fruits that are firm and very sweet. This new variety of plum produces larger fruits than the Italian Plum. The oval fruits are...Read More

Bartlett Pear Tree

The Bartlett Pear tree produces a bright yellow fruit. This is the nations leading variety of pear. Bartlett Pear trees have been known to bear fruit for up to...Read More

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